Style Studio VENA has been in business since 1998. It has been permanently inscribed in the landscape of Bielsko-Biała, taking part in charities and projects concerning fashion and beauty. In recent years its branches conquer other cities by storm for the women there to dress stylishly and fashionably.

Each woman from Bielsko-Biała knows where she can dress fashionably, comfortably and for a reasonable price. If we add to this a professional team of stylists, who wait for customers each day ready to assist, the possibility of tailoring and alterations and the highest quality fabrics, we get the word VENA. The Studio was created in the mind of one woman â?? Jadwiga Stachura. The passion and love for aesthetics learned from home meant that a small shop, which was initially based in the "Klimczok" Shopping Center, quickly gained customers and changed its location. Today it is located on 11th of November Street number 23, Bielsko-Biała promenade which, before the war, was strolled on by elegant woman from Little Vienna, as often has Bielsko been called because of its stunning architecture and history. Times have changed, but a good style remained. This is an asset, which meant that despite the emerging Shopping Centers with leading high-street shops, customers remained loyal to VENA.

Style Studio VENA is a recognizable brand in Bielsko-Biala. It is associated with elegance and best quality of men and women fashion. The quality is being looked after by the owner who personally selects and brings clothes from Italy, France and Turkey. The company also permanently cooperates with the leading Polish producers: Cora Garwolin, Artex, Getex, Frank Fashion, Poza, Skórska Fashion House or Marconi.

The winning streak of Style Studio VENA meant that more of its branches have been created.

Style Studio VENA has been also recognized as a patron of fashion and beauty. For many years it has supported the election of Bielsko beauty queen. Gowns, which can be purchased at VENA, were worn by the finalists of Miss Żywiec, Miss Beskidy, Miss Podbeskidzie and the Beskidy edition of Queen of Poland. VENA works closely with fashion agencies such as Grabowska Models and Prestige Agency.

Jadwiga Stachura willingly takes part in charity events of Bielsko Cultural Centre. In this way she supports children from the Bielsko Orphanage "Olszówka".

VENA also means cultural activity. Through the involvement in the 11th of November Street Day it promotes Bielsko-Biala throughout Poland. VENA was created from passion. It means elegance and charm that is unmatched in the South of Poland. Trust the native brand!